Welcome to The Swimming Pool

We are incredibly lucky at Cranbourne to have access to a 20m pool to use in our very broad curriculum. Every student will have a block of swimming lessons throughout each year of KS3 PE, where students will learn stroke technique and discover lifesaving skills. Students will also have access to the Swimming Pool in KS4, where we offer Water Polo and recreational swimming sessions as part of the KS4 curriculum.


A hugely successful extra-curricular club at Cranbourne is our "Swimming Development" sessions, where students from older age groups (swim leaders) are in the pool assisting with our younger students who need extra tuition in water confidence and stroke technique. This very rewarding club develops leadership skills of our strong swimmers and offers our developing swimmers extra support with a vital life skill.


Swimming Pool Refurbishment

We are excited to announce that we have had Planning Permission for our new school Swimming Pool! The new pool is just as big, but has a state of the art, environmentally sustainable roof, heating system and changing rooms. We want to thank our Dutch and German Architects, 4 Green Architecture for their amazing plans, which will provide an important community resource for all of us for years to come!