Welcome to Music


Music at Cranbourne is fun and practical and a place where students learn from a wide range of learning experiences from playing Samba music to learning how to play a minor chord on a guitar.

Music-making is engaging, practical and workshop in style; students are asked to play a wide range of instruments from the Agogo to the Ukulele to explore rhythm and melody. For many, music becomes one of the aspects of school they love the most and they thrive learning an instrument, singing in an ensemble or playing a role in a school concert.

Music allow students to build up an excellent rapport with the teachers of music in the department. The department runs after-school clubs to help those students who wish to develop their musical skills and understanding further. Cranbourne partners with the Hampshire Music Service (HMS) to provide small-group and individual learning opportunities and where the students can learn a wide range of instruments from the brass, string, percussion and woodwind families - we also offer singing lessons through the service provided by the HMS.

We hope to be able to see you soon as you begin your exciting journey into secondary school.

Mr N.  Magor (Head of Department)

Year 7 Music Lesson