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In MFL, we believe that, given the wider opportunities for living, working and travelling abroad, the importance and relevance of Foreign Language learning is clear.


It provides both the basis for preparing pupils to benefit from a greater range of opportunities and at the same time, a stimulating, intellectual experience and challenge which is, in itself, worthwhile.


We all believe that pupils should be exposed to as much target language as possible and have developed an array of strategies for teaching French and Spanish.  However, there is also a case for spending parts of the lessons, at clearly defined moments, speaking English.


When, and how, much English should be used is a matter for discussion.  The value of teaching children to unravel the language puzzle should not be lost.  They are learning to cope with not being able to understand everything straight away, to be active learners and listeners, participating in their own learning and building up understanding by piecing together clues.


We organise a number of activities during the year which enable pupils to participate in events with a language basis: we celebrate European Day of Languages across the school and make sure to celebrate key festivals whenever possible.


We work as a close team and one of the characteristics of the department is that we are always seeking ways to improve aspects of our work.


Eloise Gricourt

Head of MFL Department


The french cooking challenge!

Can you translate the French Recipes below to create some delicous sweet treats? 

If you do, please send us pictures of your attempt at the French Cooking Challenge! The best will be shared online and receive a prize!

Email: a.weston@cranbourne.hants.sch.uk

Why not try making one of these recipes? We'd love to see how you did!!

Download the recipes


Send in your submissions via communications@cranbourne.hants.sch.uk or via Facebook or Twitter by 21/10/2020

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