Welcome to Learning Support

Welcome to the Learning Support Department at Cranbourne where we have a friendly and supportive team based in the Learning Support Unit, the Resourced Provision for Dyslexia and The Oaks. The team is staffed by the Special Needs Coordinator (SENCO), the Head of Resourced Provision, the Head of The Oaks and a team of Learning Support Assistants (LSA) and Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTA).

The Learning Support Department believes that all students, including those with learning difficulties or disabilities, should have high aspirations and ambitions for their future. The most effective way to ensure students make progress is for all teachers in the mainstream classroom to meet the needs of their learners by delivering Higher Quality Inclusive Teaching which is well supported by the expertise provided by the Learning Support Department.

For some students, additional time is spent with the Learning Support Team to develop strategies to tackle their learning barriers and empower them to become champions of their own success. All students in the Learning Support Department contribute to their own individual plan outlining their strengths, areas of difficulty, short term targets and intervention support to achieve these. Among the range of intervention programmes offered are Lego Therapy, Precision Teaching for literacy and numeracy, ELSA support, Nurture Tutor Group, Gardening Club and Touch Typing. Additionally, students attached to the Learning Support Department are able to access enhanced pastoral support including Life Skills, 1:1 mentoring and supported break and lunchtimes.


Resourced Provision for students with Dyslexia (SpLD)

Cranbourne is one of six secondary schools in Hampshire that has a dedicated provision for students with a specific learning difficulty, usually dyslexia. Places within the Resourced Provision are awarded by Hampshire to students with an EHCP naming dyslexia as their primary need. However, all other students with dyslexia as an identified learning difficulty can access Outreach support led by the Resourced Provision.

The Resourced Provision is an integral part of the school and liaises with every department to ensure that dyslexia friendly practice is evident in every classroom experience. Students with a place are fully integrated into the mainstream for the greater proportion of their time, with timetabled lessons in The Resourced Provision arranged according to individual need.

Typically, at Key Stage 3, teaching in the Resourced Provision focuses on a multisensory language approach encompassing phonics and teaching students strategies to enable them to independently read and spell. At Key Stage 4, the focus moves to providing support in examination skills, revision and subject support to ensure students achieve the best possible results for them at GCSE. Additionally, students in the Resourced Provision receive enhanced pastoral support with organisation, life skills and planning for moving on to further education.