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Welcome to Cranbourne’s History Department! History is about understanding yourself and your surroundings through looking at past events that have been connected with a particular person or thing. As a history department, we are proud of our diverse curriculum which we are always looking to update to ensure every student can feel connected to the past. History is not only about learning about the past but also using a variety of transferable skills which will be useful in every walk of life. Do you enjoy finding out new facts and ideas? Do you enjoy giving your opinion? If so, then History is the subject for you.

See below our overarching questions and some of the topics, we study in history during KS3.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and see us in History, if you have any questions about history at Cranbourne then please do get in touch (g.marshall-james@cranbourne.hants.sch.uk or t.roberts@cranbourne.hants.sch.uk).

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Solve the Mystery of the death of Willam Rufus!




Key Stage 3 History at Cranbourne


YEAR 7: How have civilisations been shaped by beliefs, ideas and attitudes in Britain and around the world from ancient civilisations to the English Civil War?

  • Which ancient civilisations made the greatest invention?

  • Why was there Blood on the Cathedral Floor in 1170?

  • How terrifying was the English Civil War?(Local History: Basing House)

  • How successful was the Qing Dynasty?

YEAR 8: How has Britain and the world been transformed by Individuals, Empire and Warfare from 1800-1945?

  • What impact did the Industrial Revolution have on Basingstoke?

  • Is Field Marshall Haig the butcher or hero of the Somme?

  • How were new ideas causing problems in Europe? (Italy, Germany and Russia).

  • How did the rest of the world react to the Holocaust?

YEAR 9: How have political movements affected and changed people’s lives in Britain and around the world from 1773-today?

  • What are the causes and consequences of Revolutions? (America, French & Russian)

  • Was the USA in 1920s a period of prosperity?

  • How have individuals made an impact in defeating injustices? (Emmeline Pankhurst , Martin Luther King & Nelson Mandela)

  • What is terrorism and how it has changed over time?