Meet the Senior Prefect Team

Meet our Senior Prefect Team!

Cranbourne encourages all students to engage in Student Leadership opportunities from the start of their time at secondary school. Some of these opportunities are; Student Voice, Sport Captains, Sport Leaders, House Captains, Prefects and Senior Prefects in Year 11.

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Matthew Patrick
Head Boy

Hello! My name is Matthew Patrick, and I was elected to be this year's Head boy and I’m incredibly grateful to be trusted with the role. I joined Cranbourne back at the start of year 8 and I have seen my confidence grow massively, when I joined, I was incredibly shy and I didn’t know a lot of people, I had also come from a small school and to me, Cranbourne was a huge school with nearly double the amount of students, but the students and staff made me feel extremely settled and within the first month it had felt like I had always been there.

"My best memory in Cranbourne is when I got to represent the school (twice!) in the Hampshire School Games in the Aquathlon, which is a swim and then straight into a run. This was a great opportunity for us to show what the school is all about."
Libbie French
Head Girl

Hi, I am Libbie French

I started Cranbourne in 2015 and was very shy, I never liked talking in class but over the years my confidence has grown. I found confidence in myself to apply for your head girl. Like many of you I am very passionate about sport and my favourite day of the year is our day of sport which brings everybody in our houses together. I want to share with you some of my achievements whilst being at Cranbourne, in year 9 and 10 I was selected to be Austen House Captain. I am also a sports prefect which has gained me a sporting leadership qualification.

"My best Cranbourne memory is representing not just Cranbourne but all Basingstoke schools at cross-country and track events this enabled me to be part of the Basingstoke schools’ team where I got to interact with other students in the Basingstoke area."
Sam Bennett
Deputy Head Boy

Hi I’m Sam and I am deputy head boy at Cranbourne, my favourite lessons at school are 3D Design and PE. I enjoy my sports, my favourites are running and swimming, I enjoy swimming because I can teach people  and it is an essential  life skill. The reason I like Cranbourne is because everyone knows everyone,  we are like a big family and if you have any issues you could just ask someone and they would help you all the teachers are friendly and really smiley.

"My best memory at Cranbourne is Year 7 Day of Sport.
This was my first sports day at Cranbourne and we came 2nd, but we had the best banner!"
Milli Ward
Deputy Head Girl

Hello, my name is Milli Ward and I am Deputy Head Girl and Senior Study Advocate. I work with Cranbourne+ students on Teams, helping them to get the most out of their Cranbourne experience. I’m so excited to be a student leader this year and make Cranbourne the best it can be! My favourite subject is Spanish and I love learning languages outside of school, too. I’ve also been playing the flute for 8 years and I’m part of the Basingstoke Area Youth Woodwind Orchestra. In the future, I would love to be a politician as I am passionate about implementing change that would improve people’s lives.

"I am proud to be a Cranbourne student – my favourite thing about being part of the Cranbourne Community is the welcoming atmosphere and the selflessness of the teachers, everyone around you is always willing to help."