Welcome to Geography

Welcome to the geography department where you will meet with two of the most passionate and enthusiastic teachers that bring geography to life and closer to you and your surroundings by studying content at a variety of scales with global (G), national (N), regional (R) and local (L) scales when and where necessary.

Our priority is to make you feel welcome when you first arrive at Cranbourne. To foster this, we offer year six taster sessions to give you a flavour of what to expect when you join us in September. Hopefully, this will make you feel as part of the department when you arrive at Cranbourne.

You will be involved in some interactive activities such as ‘Globingo’ that will enhance your gelling together as soon as possible with new class mates from other schools by seeking to know about their interests and other things. You will be encouraged to talk to new people by attempting 'Globingo' with questions like 'Find someone who has travelled outside Europe', 'Find someone who was born outside this country' 'Find someone who has eaten a fair trade product in the last day'.

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