Welcome to Drama

Drama at Cranbourne aims to promote a sense of creativity and self-expression through the development of performance skills and knowledge. The Drama Department strives to achieve this by instilling in students a passion for performance and creativity, as well as a critical, reflective and creative mind through the study of different plays and theatre practitioners as well as allowing students to create their own work from a stimulus. The drama department allows students to explore a range of theatre practices and practitioners and use these ideas in the development of a well-rounded, creative and engaging curriculum that is accessible to all and covers the development of key life skills such as the ability to project the voice in different situations, understanding emotions and body language as well as they study of different plays and dramatic techniques.

For students that have a real passion, the drama department offers the opportunity of two whole-school productions each year. We  enrich their learning through multiple theatre trips allowing students to contextualise their studies through seeing live theatre. We are also excited to work closely with The Grange Festival Opera Company based in Alresford and offer students in Years 9 and 10 the opportunity to work on a professional opera project which offers students to work with industry level directors, choreographers and designers. Cranbourne also offers students that want to focus on the technical aspects of drama the opportunity to design, build and make a variety of set, props and costume pieces for productions.