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Cranbourne Parent Partners

The Cranbourne Parent Partners (CPP) are pivotal in ensuring the efficient flow of communication between parents, students and the staff.  They work very closely as part of a team with the Head of Houses and Tutors to support each Student at Cranbourne. 

The CPPs endeavour to answer any queries as they arise, should it be necessary, and if they are unable to do this, they will direct it to the relevant member of staff for it to be dealt with quickly.  The CPPs are also involved in events such as Monitor Days, Parents’ Evenings and any school trips which help them to get to know the students.


The CPPs monitor the attendance throughout the school day and make first-day phone calls where there are unexplained absences.

White & Andrew Lloyd Webber House: Miss Pearce 

Thomson & Austen House: Mrs Ryan 

Parent Support Advisor  

Our Parent Support Advisor, Kathy Gare, will be known to families transferring to us from our immediate catchment primary schools. Kathy is here to offer advice and support for all parents. She also runs parenting groups, where we share issues and talk through experiences of parenting secondary school age children.


meet the Pastoral team!

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Andrew Lloyd Webber & White House

Miss Pearce

Thomson & Autsen House

Mrs Ryan

Parent Support Advisor

Mrs Gare