Welcome to Computer Science


There is so much more to Computing than coding. With the rise of digital and social media and the ever-increasing number of apps, has there been a more exciting time to study the subject?

In a world where Computing and Computer Science are present in every aspect of modern society, at Cranbourne we see this as an increasingly important area of learning for our students. We believe that this goes some way to future-proofing our students in an often challenging but exciting digital era. The opportunities for young people are endless through the use and understanding of technology and we aspire to give our students the knowledge, skills and qualities needed to flourish and succeed.

We recognise that our pupils join us with differing experience of Computing, so our lessons are designed so that no prior knowledge is necessary. At Key Stage 3, pupils begin by developing algorithms to all manner of different types of task. Pupils are then shown how to turn these algorithms into software by being introduced to programming in a variety of different ways ranging from coding block editors all the way up to Python and HTML.

As well as software design, pupils also learn about computer hardware within a singular computer as well as how networks are produced from connecting many computers together to form the Internet. Along with studying how the Internet works pupils are also taught about how to use it safely.

Students have the option to study Computing in KS3 and GCSE Computer Science at Key Stage 4.