Welcome to The Canteen

Since Cranbourne has taken the catering in house in June 2019 we have increased the revenue and provided more choice for our students. 

We use Parent Pay for quick and easy online payments and have a facility in the canteen for students to upload money which can be spent in the canteen or snack shacks.

We have a biometric system that enables students to be served quicker giving them more free time to spend with their friends and to enjoy their lunch.

We have dedicated snack shacks around the site enabling year groups to have their own areas. 


Cranbourne Catering Mission Statement

  • To provide nutritious freshly cooked main meals daily

  • To offer meals based around allergies and intolerances including Vegetarian and Coeliac

  • To source local produce wherever possible

  • To use biodegradable and compostable disposable cutlery and packaging

  • To reduce waste

  • To listen to the students and gather information from the student council

  • To sell healthy, school compliant, drinks and snacks

  • To offer a three week menu that includes fresh vegetables and fruit

  • Staff trained up to level three in food hygiene and safety training