Welcome to Art


Art and Design at Cranbourne aims to teach students to be creative risk takers. Throughout the Key Stages students learn how Art, Craft and Design impacts our societies and surroundings, taking into account Social, Moral, Political, Historical and Environmental contexts. In the Department, creativity and self expression is at the core of learning.

Throughout each year there is a clear focus on skill progression, which is built on prior knowledge, experiences and learning. Including the use of tools, processes, techniques with increasing mastery. Visual elements and language are at the centre of skill development, connecting and progressing within each project and learning experience.


Within the curriculum, students are able to build their knowledge of Art, Craft, Design and Culture through exploration, investigation and research. This provides opportunities for discussion and thought provoking analysis.

As creative industries are a major growth area in Britain, it is important that our students can relate to how Art and Design education can impact on exciting future career prospects and life skills.